I Painted Him at Epoch Coffee

I painted him because he reminded me of Cyrano de Bergerac

I painted him because he reminded me of Cyrano de Bergerac

Unfortunately, I tore the painting.  He is one of those fellows that I never saw again, who actually seemed to be reading and not just pretending to read in a coffee house.  I have a tendency to enlarge noses anyway, so I hope that he forgives me.  I loved his nose – I don’t understand why anyone would want to “bob” a nose.


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    Well this is an inspiration – I carry a sketchbook and have bought a little watercolour set to sketch people in coffee shops (where I spend a LOT of time meeting clients in my other life). But I am concerned about intruding and I guess someone being rude. I have done some pencil sketches but now it is time to paint – thanks Lavanna

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      Hi, Stephen.

      Soooo glad that you popped over to visit from your Continent. I just sneaked a peek at your work, and you are very, very good. I suck at watercolour. I especially like the River Arno. As in my own work, I like your foundational skeletal work better than the finished pieces. I saw the Turner exhibit at the Tate in London in the mid 70’s, and enjoyed his sketchbooks much better than his finished work.

      If you are going to do cafe painting, (oh, goodie), I will suggest starting out with paint, not pencil. You will probably feel as if you are in free-fall, but it will be so very good for you. Any criticism to further growth is welcome from you, too.

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    I’m very impressed with your work, Lavanna, and with your writing ability, too. I look forward to your next installment of the “Staving Artist” series — a good read if there ever was one.

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    Hi, r. chunn.

    Thanks for the nice comment. I absolutely love your work, and am in the process of actively promoting it! allaprima.blogspot.com RULES.

    Thank you,


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