Monthly Archives: January 2009

A Studio Painting from the “Shattered” Series

I’ll explain myself tomorrow regarding this painting.

I Painted this Tattooed Man at the Spider House

I Painted Sherry at the Spider House

I was painting at the Spider House as dusk was slipping out in under the threshold.  My first painting of her was so awful.  I made her move over to the table opposite of me and have her cards read by “Julian”.  His game might have been a  bit off, because I rattled him by […]

I Painted These Lovers Under a Rusted Moon

I know that it is very “poster-like”, but that is how it came together.  I painted this couple at Spider House.  They were so in love.  It made me happy.  The end.

I Painted Chris on his Kurtzweil Machine at Little City

I had never seen a Kurtzweil Machine before.  I met Chris at Little City.  He told me that it was “a small, simple computer for the blind”.  Chris says that he does “soul-mapping”.  He was there for only a few minutes, waiting for a “to go” coffee at the counter.

A Painting in Honor of an Interview by:

Tolly Moseley, the talented force behind  the BLOGUS MAXIMUS did an interview of me at Pacha.  She is just delightful, and wants to redirect her blog towards interviews.  She deserves to be noticed.  Here is the interview: If you go to her blog and see what her interests/talents are,  the painting that I […]

In Memorium: Christiana Park-Markert

Christiana and I ran into each other on one spring morning.  I told her what I was up to, and she decided to drive me to JPsJava to paint.  She had just bought a pristene white Mercedes at a thrift store (the truth), and was happy to drive me over there.  Anyone that knew Christiana […]

I Painted Another Barristra at Pacha Coffee