A Painting in Honor of an Interview by: thataustingirl.com

A very "Tollyesque" painting that I did in honor of thataustingirl

A very "Tollyesque" painting that I did in honor of thataustingirl

Tolly Moseley, the talented force behind  the BLOGUS MAXIMUS  thataustingirl.com did an interview of me at Pacha.  She is just delightful, and wants to redirect her blog towards interviews.  She deserves to be noticed.  Here is the interview:


If you go to her blog and see what her interests/talents are,  the painting that I did above will make sense.  Also, please leave her some comments; let’s encourage her to continue interviewing.


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    Love the ‘Tolleyesque’ painting. Fascinating interview. I’m constantly amazed how quickly you make your art, and with such detail and accuracy.

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    Hi, Lavanna.

    This is a great interview. When did thataustingirl interview you? How did she hear about you?

    Another great painting. You are amazing. Talented, kind, smart and lovely, how do you do it?

    Adeline Rem

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    wow. that above comment says it all! What a great compliment!

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      Hi, Grace!

      I am so glad to see you here. Makes me want…coffee!

      “Do not conform…”

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    Lavanna, I am floored. And this Victorian-looking dame looks quite absorbed…as I continue to be with your work.

    Thank you for the chat and the chance to get to know you better. We’re so lucky to live in Austin, home to so much creativity and off-the-wall, rather insane talent. Here’s to more coffee shop conversations.


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    Lavanna, you are an inspiration – I plan to follow your lead and go on from mere sketching to actually painting in coffeehouses. Questions: How do you get the fresh paintings back to your place intact? Do you paint on prepared paper? fiberboard? canvas? What size are your paintings?

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      Hi, Leroy.

      I am about to go out the door – but I want to answer you before I go.
      I am so excited that you are going to try your hand at painting “live”.

      I use Fredrix 9×12 canvas sheets that come in a pad. You will need a hake brush, or big soft brush to start. You will need a medium to get started. I use walnut oil (you can use grocery-store grade-it will do you just fine). I always tint the canvas a bit with a rag and a bit of color and oil before starting. Sometimes, I use a bit of Liquin to get started.

      I never worry about the wet canvases. You can try putting them between waxed paper. If you are driving, just put them in the floor board and trunk. If you need more information, I can send you an email at your address. Just let me know. Good luck!


  8. Tom Moseley
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    Holy Moly Moseley! You go girl! That Austin Girl rocks!

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    I love this most of all your paintings. What do you call this kind of painting? “Flash Painting?” Moment Art? Would you consider posting other flash artists’ (like LeRoy) work on your blog?

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