Monthly Archives: February 2009

My Most Recent Painting for the Show:Scrappy

Ok, almost finished with this one. After April 4th, I will be back in public doing my guerrilla artist stuff. Hope that you are enjoying seeing these studio updates. A special thanks to Adam Wallacavage for allowing me to include his octopus chandelier in this painting.

A Painting of Cooper the Boxer

Sorry, folks – I haven’t been out to paint people without getting caught in a month.  I’ve been painting in the studio for an upcoming show.  It’s basically interiors, with some dogs and girls.  You see,  I was brought up in a trailer house in West Texas following wildcat rigs around (I didn’t even think […]

Detail of a Painting from the Studio

It measure 16″x20″, which is a large painting for me.  It has a very, RED wall.  I did a series in 2004 or interiors with red walls and dogs.  Why do we love red? I won’t be able to paint people in public until after my show, so bear with me until then.  I will […]

My Second Painting for the Upcoming Show

It still needs touch-up and clean-up.  I’ll do that when it dries.  The first one needs clean-up and corrections, too. I’m having a difficult time juggling painting for the show, and doing my painting in public.  Hope that ya’ll will bear with me.  I plan on painting live tomorrow.  Then, I will have to take […]