I Painted Katelyn at the Barking Dog

I wish that the Barking Dog was in Austin!

I wish that the Barking Dog was in Austin!

I just got back from delivering some paintings down to AMSET, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. It’s located in Beaumont. I had never been to AMSET before – it is a very nice museum. Sarah Hamilton, the curator, was very nice and friendly. She even helped me carry the paintings into the museum. Inside, I met Monica, Charlie, Patricia, and Paula – all very nice folks.

I had promised Sarah that I would go over to the Barking Dog Coffee House, which is across the street from the museum, and try my hand at guerilla painting. Sarah came with me, and we ate lunch together. Actually, I sat and let my fabulous capuccino and sandwich grow cold because I just had to jump in and paint first. The Barking Dog is a great place! It’s located in one of those fabulous old shotgun store fronts (from the twenties?), and the owner has done a bang-up job with the interior.  I wish that I  had more time to paint and hang around.


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    Thanks so much Lavanna for treating me to a painting of yours! I enjoyed it very much. I love the Hepburn picture in the background-worked well. I will try to get you images of the cafe show by Friday afternoon so maybe you can post them on here if you like. Everyone at the museum commented on how great your paintings look in our cafe!

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      Hi, Sarah!

      So glad to hear from you. Thanks for the feed-back about the show. Yes, do send pictures, please! I would love to post them on my blog. Could you take a nice picture of the outside of the museum, too?



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    your oil sketches are really wonderful !
    i especially like this one

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