He was Working the Crossword at the Spider House

He was in work attire, trying to complete the crossword in the local daily paper.

When he very first arrived during morning rush hour, I thought that he was going to be there for a very short time. I was wrong: he was still there, four hours later. My friend, Lauren, and I moved from our table behind him, and sat where we could see his face.

There were so many good subjects there that day. Lauren had names for all of them: “Sargent Rock”, “Viggo Mortenson”, and “Johnny Cash”. Of course, she has to talk with everybody – which just terrifies me. She shouts, “Hey, can I draw you?” I try to evaporate, duck under the table, or completely turn my back. She’s a founding member of our three-member ART CLUB, and a spectacular artist – much better than me. Right now, she has a show in Paris at some fancy institute right off the Champs-Elysees.

Anyway, I’ve been busy with commissions in the studio, so I’m posting some drawings from my sketchbook. My next project is this: I have some retail friends that want me to go and paint at their stores. I haven’t got around to it, and it really needs to be done. I’m excited about that – so if you know anybody who wants me to come in their establishment, they can reach me here by leaving a comment.

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