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Final Painting for the Upcoming Show: Waiting Forever

Sometimes, we’ve been spurned. Or, we’re stuck in an existential funk as in Bunuel’s film “No Exit”.  Why do we feel that we have to stay for the ending? My show of studio work is coming up on April 4th.  I will also be showing a few of the coffee house paintings. If you are […]

My Most Recent Painting for the Show:Scrappy

Ok, almost finished with this one. After April 4th, I will be back in public doing my guerrilla artist stuff. Hope that you are enjoying seeing these studio updates. A special thanks to Adam Wallacavage for allowing me to include his octopus chandelier in this painting.

A Painting of Cooper the Boxer

Sorry, folks – I haven’t been out to paint people without getting caught in a month.  I’ve been painting in the studio for an upcoming show.  It’s basically interiors, with some dogs and girls.  You see,  I was brought up in a trailer house in West Texas following wildcat rigs around (I didn’t even think […]

A Studio Painting from the “Shattered” Series

I’ll explain myself tomorrow regarding this painting.