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A Second Smattering on Painting Technique

The Beginning I was painting at Halcyon Coffee here in Austin on Monday.  The barristra was very interested, and asked me if I did an underpainting.  This made me stop and think about the actual process of the oil sketch.  I said, “well, no, not really”. I fumbled around for an explanation since I am […]

Have You Experienced the Bruising Sun of Texas

I painted this portrait for my upcoming show.  After April 4th, I will be back in the coffee houses painting people “live”. The sun can be brutal here in Texas – I used to try and force my portraits into the false, ambient lighting that you can only get in the North.  Then, I had […]

A Day in the Studio

Would you like for me to continue with posts such as the one entitled: “A Smattering about Painting Technique”?  Comments would certainly be appreciated and might motivate me to open this boiling vat…~Lavanna Martin