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I Painted Katelyn at the Barking Dog

I just got back from delivering some paintings down to AMSET, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. It’s located in Beaumont. I had never been to AMSET before – it is a very nice museum. Sarah Hamilton, the curator, was very nice and friendly. She even helped me carry the paintings into the museum. Inside, […]

I Painted Maggie at the Spider House

I was there relatively early at the Spider House. Maggie showed up on the patio. She had on a flesh-colored sundress. She had brought along her needlepoint – how wonderful! That kept her quite still, but then her phone rang. I captured her anyway, thank goodness. She left at one point for the bathroom, and […]

The Difference Between Painting and Drawing

People ask me if I sketch in with pencil or charcoal before I begin.   No, I don’t.  So much of painting requires restatement in the process, why start out fumbling from the beginning?  I try to say what I mean from the very beginning. Think about the process of painting as opposed to drawing.  Rendering […]

A Smattering on Painting Technique and Questions

This post was originally one of my first, in a series on technique.  The post, “The Difference Between Drawing and Painting” has had over 1100 views since I posted it.  I’m a slow learner, but I think maybe some of you out there would like to see more of my thoughts on technique.  Please, please […]

My Second Painting for the Upcoming Show

It still needs touch-up and clean-up.  I’ll do that when it dries.  The first one needs clean-up and corrections, too. I’m having a difficult time juggling painting for the show, and doing my painting in public.  Hope that ya’ll will bear with me.  I plan on painting live tomorrow.  Then, I will have to take […]

I Painted this Tattooed Man at the Spider House

I Painted Chris on his Kurtzweil Machine at Little City

I had never seen a Kurtzweil Machine before.  I met Chris at Little City.  He told me that it was “a small, simple computer for the blind”.  Chris says that he does “soul-mapping”.  He was there for only a few minutes, waiting for a “to go” coffee at the counter.

A Painting in Honor of an Interview by: thataustingirl.com

Tolly Moseley, the talented force behind  the BLOGUS MAXIMUS  thataustingirl.com did an interview of me at Pacha.  She is just delightful, and wants to redirect her blog towards interviews.  She deserves to be noticed.  Here is the interview: http://thataustingirl.blogspot.com/2009/01/interview-lavanna-martin-of-i-stare-at.html%5D%5D If you go to her blog and see what her interests/talents are,  the painting that I […]

I Painted Another Barristra at Pacha Coffee

I Painted the Barista at Pacha’s Coffee

I painted the barista  at Pacha’s Coffee.  I have never painted here before, although Pacha’s is in walking distance from my home.  He had on thermal longjohns with an elaborate silk-screened skeleton that he had printed on himself.  It was the same skeletal image in black, green, and red – so he had to run […]